Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Wrap-Up

I can't say it'll always be Monday that I wrap things up or heck that I can post my 'To-Do' before I do it but we'll see how things go.

So let's see how I did on my list.

  • Laundry 

  •  Wash  

  • Fold  -> 3/4ths done after 5 loads socks and undergarments bested me again on where I left off. 

  • Put Away -> Mine and Peter's are put away but the girls' clothes are not.

  • Dishes
  • Clean Stove
  • Clean Fridge
  • After cleaning & shopping
    Beginning of the day

  • Make Menu
  • Shopping List
  • Shopping

  • This weeks groceries $60.83

  • Make Beds
  • Mow Lawn -> 1/2 done I did the front and string trimmed but decided the back could wait off.
  • Vacuum ->3/4 done Brielle's side of the room had her school work scattered everywhere and the playroom was too much of a mess for me to get into there today.
  • Clean Bathtub
  • Organize Coupons 
  • Put Away Birthday Supplies
  • Lunch with Peter
  • Katherine's Birthday Dinner

  • So yeah I didn't finish everything I set out to do today but that's okay. 

    Other News:

    Katherine got all her points at school today! She remembered everything she needed to bring home too! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings which is where she requested and the waitress was so surprised that is where my 9 year old girl wanted to eat. We ate until we were stuffed and then the store gave her a free bottle of buffalo wing sauce! She went out of there saying, "Best Birthday EVER". I still think it is funny she turned down the cake and instead took the sauce. We had also made a deal that the next time she got all her points I'd take her down and get what is called 'spray candy' where it's this spray bottle of candy tasting stuff. So we dropped Peter and Brielle back at home so Brielle could get back on her homework and I took Katherine out to get her treat. Mommy keeps her promises!

    Also, today I've been going back and forth with the local newspaper working out a date and time they want to interview us for Saturday's paper for an article about online relationships. Know it or not Peter lived in Kentucky and I lived in Oregon and we met through an online game we both played. It may sound like a silly start and we've stuck it out. 

    Still in other news:
    I started this project Friday when I was laid up but my dehydrator and I have been having arguments. I actually finally just got finished up dehydrating up what I thought would be a ton of rosemary but I guess once dehydrated it really doesn't go far. 

    So I cut a bunch of rosemary from out front at least I thought it was a bunch as this is my huge bowl I do lefse in that I used to carry and wash the rosemary in.

    I then dried it out some after the washing and arranged it on the trays for the dehydrator. 

    And this is what I got out of 4 trays. Now mind you the jar is a little deceptive it was a banana pepper jar. Yes, I know I'm a hoarder of jars! But they come in so handy!

    There we have it. Now I think I'll go get some rest. I'll need to try and finish some more on my list tomorrow and actually do things like dust and such so when the lady from the Newspaper comes Wednesday she doesn't feel the need to line her seat with plastic. :)

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