Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Success Stories

So I really don't do this very often not because I don't want traffic over to Jean's site:  because I love her blog! But rather I'm just lazy on Saturdays and morning blog writing doesn't become my thing but as I started typing I realized that I was going to leave a book of a comment. Over at So Not Organized she has a running series of Saturday Success Stories which follows her Follow Through Friday in which we try to make goals and what not and try to follow through on them. It's a really good goal oriented series.

So I posted my goal for yesterday was to write a blog posting. Not that it was the only thing I was going to do that day but it was the one awkward thing that popped in my head that I had started the day before with a pen and paper. I am happy to say I accomplished that goal.

Now into the rest of my day.... (edit: This is Friday's overview)
If you remember from my own posting yesterday my schedule seemed pretty open. I had a lot of gaps in time because thankfully I'm just a part time employee. What I did not say is Thursday work kept me late because we had visitors in and they needed help making sure prints and copies were available for various things so what this schedule does not show is I actually left work at 12:20 yesterday!
That being the case I had decided to go down to our local orchard and buy some peaches because Saturday (today) was going to be their last open day of the season and I know how I am about getting out on a Saturday.
I bought half a bushel of peaches for $25. It still seemed a little steep to me but I did it anyways so now I plan to be making peach jam all weekend. I'm not sure why I created more work for myself. I think I must hate myself! Though I figured out why the price was so high I bought 1sts I didn't know what 2nds were! Next year I will know better. Though since I did buy it by the half a bushel I did save some money that way instead of buying it by the peck.

There on the side of the picture you can see the crockpot with dinner I had started that morning. Much love to my crockpot because dinner was exactly on time last night.

From the orchard I went to the grocery store to price out jars and get new pectin because the stack I had was from 1987! (After my grandmother passed I got her stash.) Brielle also needed a new protractor because the one I got her for geometry wasn't really that good and I needed some superglue to fix the kids angel statue....

I didn't go into that from this past week did I? Brielle pushed on the door from the playroom that has her desk to the bedroom and the door cracked and fell down! Yeah... that was our excitement from earlier this week.

Walking around Kroger I was talking to a person on the phone who was selling canning jars a dozen for $5 so I set up to pick up 2 dozen and then took a roadtrip to the countryside in which I got lost in. I did eventually pick them up but what they were calling jelly jars was wide mouth jars! I don't know about anyone else but buying wide mouth lids and rings is expensive! So instead I picked out some normal pint jars I figured if nothing else a friend of mine is always complaining about too many cucumbers and I can help pickle some up for her.

I got back to town, got Katherine and then got home to put the finishing touches on dinner. Peter walked in the door from work and we ate then Brielle and Peter went to their Magic game and I got ready to leave out the door with Katherine.

Katherine and I made our way to the library for Katherine to pick up her reserved book and then I took some time to pick out a cookbook with bread machine recipes.

From there we went to the YMCA for the family swim session. Katherine ran into some friends who their mother had dropped them off but even with Katherine being 9 I wasn't going to leave her alone so as her and her friends wandered around playing racquetball, foosball, ping pong and air hockey I kind of just followed along with taking a short reprieve to obtain my cookbook from the van so I would have something to do since silly me forgot their cellphone at home and I had thought to myself, "Oh I won't need that tonight." Which I wouldn't have had we been swimming the whole time as I had assumed we were going to. In any case I kind of became the responsible adult following around this hoard of children.

Got home close to 9 o'clock and Katherine and I got ready for bed. She watched a few shows on her PC and I watched a few on my PC (been watching Kitchen Nightmares).

That was pretty much my evening.

As for today well a friend of Brielle's walked over yesterday and invited Brielle to her roller skating party at 3 o'clock today. Talk about short notice! So once I get enough coffee in my system Brielle and I need to go get a present for her friend. I may just wait until after lunch because all the shopping places are on the same side of town as the roller rink.

Otherwise today I do need to start on the peaches and I want to take stock of how much bread flour I have as I'd like to see if I can find some bread recipes we will like. I have a lot of problems with my white bread being crumbly and super hard outside and it never rises properly. Thankfully this book talks about some of these issues. We will see how it goes.

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  1. Oh wow, busy Saturday on your plate today. The door falling down sounds like something that would happen around here. Isn't it fun suddenly finding yourself the responsible adult for a bunch of kids? We like Kitchen Nightmares over here as well. Actually, it is funny because we all like cooking shows but I doubt any of us would eat 3/4 of the things prepared. I've been watching Masterchef every Wednesday night over here. I hope you get all your stuff done today and that your bread turns out. My honeywheat loaf is amazing but I cheat and have this gal named Sara Lee bake it for me. She's even kind enough to slice it. ;)