Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy Monday Edition, October 7

Today's 'To-Do' List

  • Menu
  • Shopping
  • Write 'Fall Cleaning' blog for today
  • Accomplish 'Fall Cleaning Challenge'
  • Laundry
  • Lunch with Peter?
  • Sweep/vacuum
  • Clean my bedding
Today is the first day of Fall break so the kids are home with me today. I figured why pay 30 dollars for them to go to Holiday Camp today when they could stay home with me and we could get some time together. I really don't have enough time with my kids. During the school week I get normally 4 hours total and most of that is getting ready for school, eating, or getting ready for the next day of school. 
I had the kids help me figure out the menu and their lunch menu also because they have to pack lunches for Holiday Camp and pack snacks. It's highway robbery in my opinion but it will allow me to go to work. 

  • Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Corn (Held over from last week as one day was hectic so we grabbed food out)  
  • Cheesy Chicken
  • Tyson Chicken Bites & French Fries
  • Spaghetti Bake
  • Sloppy Joes & Chips
  • Pizza
  • Breaded Pork & Mashed Potatoes & Gravy & Peas
This Week's 'To-Do' List
  • Keep up with Fall Cleaning Schedule
  • Try to work on cabinet (yes with all this rain this project has moved no where!)
  • Library
  • Drop off donation items (Yup still cluttering my van)
  • Saturday Night Family Movie Night
  • Katherine's Science Fair Project
  • Finish kids Halloween Costumes
Last Week

So this past week was busy, hectic and stressful to say the least. We've had to deal with some problems with the kids. I don't like airing out my own dirty laundry but I like people to know we aren't perfect by any means.
Tuesday Katherine and I worked on studying her states and then studied 5x and 6x problems for 4 hours and the turned around and studied again for another 20 min Wednesday morning mainly on math. Katherine got through her Social Studies test just fine it was as to be expected but when it came to her math test it turns out the test itself was over 28 different multiplication facts and they were all suppose to be done in 1 minute. This was not what we studied so hard for. Now Tuesday Katherine got perfect on her behavior chart which has been hard for her to do she is a very active child and forgets to raise her hand or raises her voice but that day she got perfect which normally means video game time but in lieu of that we studied and I promised to get her some M&Ms because I'm sorry she lost her fun time. So come Wednesday with the test she lost it she was so stressed out she tossed her chair over, threw down her books and was crying and yelling so very upset that we had to deal with the principle. As I said, we are not perfect.
Peter and I were at a loss we've never had such extreme behavior at home and it seems like Katherine's behavior is always out of character when she's at school. After a long talk between my husband and myself I came to the conclusion that Katherine really is worrying about pleasing us and it puts a lot of pressure on her since we strive very hard to have good grades in this household. The other thing is the lack of down time. We sometimes forget that kids need to unwind also. Our household is pretty busy most of the time. I get the kids home between 4 and 5 pm we have dinner, do homework and then it's off to bed by 8pm. It doesn't give much time for fun or family. We decided we were going to let there be flex in the bedtime up to but no later than 8:30pm and that no matter her behavior at school she will get some form of 'downtime' be that reading a book or playing a video game. Something other than studying right up to the time of bed which has been pretty standard around here.

Then I get an email Thursday finding out my oldest daughter didn't do her test for her Spanish class and then lied to the teacher saying she was at her grandmother's all weekend and then almost tried to lie to us. Needless to say lying is something we will NOT tolerate in this household so she's been under total supervision with the understanding all trust has been lost and she will have to work very hard to regain any of it.

As I say again, we are not perfect.

Cleaning has slipped past me this week as the house will always be there but focusing on the kids and what we can do to resolve or work towards resolving problems came #1.

This past weekend we took some lazy days as family. Okay we took Saturday as a lazy day as a family and then everyone else took Sunday.
Sunday I started on the halloween costumes. The kids want to be minecraft characters.

Here's the start of Katherine in her boxes. Not looking like much right now. A few things aren't going as planned either but I'm trying and earning my title of 'Burnt Out Mom'.

Also, this past week I tried one of the things from my halloween idea post and that is the Ice hand. It worked better than I thought it would but I need to make sure I have a better spot to put the glove next time so it's not curling around other objects and getting all weird but for a trial run not too bad I think. The kids halloween party is coming up fast!

Well Peter's messaging me about lunch already! This day is zooming by too fast but I guess that is what happens when you don't roll out of bed until 9am!  


  1. Hope you are enjoying your day (and your lunch!). I have a kid home with me today as well but it's because he's "sick" (starting to think he could have suffered through...). I love your frozen hand.

    1. Ah but home is always the best medicine. I always kick mine out the door as they said at the PTO meeting... send your child to school no matter what and if they are that ill trust us we'll call you to pick them back up.
      I'm not joking that was at the last PTO meeting.