Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What happened to Busy Monday?

So as you know every Monday I run through my plans of insanity for the week and of last week well I didn't get a chance to do that yesterday.
The family has been running on insanity mode. Between 2 Orthodontist appointments for Brielle, the Parent/Teacher conference for Katherine (I opted not to go to Brielle's was too busy), the meeting with the school district that went until 8:30 am (yes I had some tired kids), 2 4-H meetings and god knows what else I forget now.

Then this past weekend I'm glad we opted not to go to our friends' wedding which sounds awful but I just don't really like weddings but I wish so much happiness in their life together.
Why am I glad we didn't go? Because Katherine had to make a book report movie poster due Monday and Brielle had to make a shadow box due Monday. We were working on homework continuously.

Sunday I suddenly got the itch to go through the kids stuff probably because I wanted to see what they had for winter clothing and instead I came up with a huge donation pile.
So yeah other than the dehumidifier this all went out there's actually another bag behind one of those bags of just backpacks! But clothes, clothes and more clothes! That whole box there is from infant to 5T that some how has never left my house until now.
So I ran that all around town dropping off stuff to one lady picking up stuff from her taking it all over to another lady. I was very much shuttling clothing.

So Monday... Monday, Monday, Monday....
So I had made appointment with the mechanic for 8 am on Monday so I get down there and since that is my only mode of transportation I sit. Now I normally don't go to my mechanic for my oil changed and my tires rotated because they take a long time but my brakes were squeaking and there was a strange metallic sound when I'd pull forward or back and truthfully because my car felt jumpy I was afraid of the transmission going out because Dodge is horrible about that. So I told them to check my axle due to the sound though I forgot to mention the transmission but I was like eh I'll check the fluids and stuff first when I get home.
So I sit there at about 11 o'clock (3 hrs of sitting later) someone finally offers me a ride on Facebook so I go up to ask how much longer it is going to be because I don't want to leave only to have it get done 30 min later. They call back to the mechanics to find out and the mechanic walks up and says, "I was waiting for the parts to get here so I could give her a price." A price for what? Well it turns out one of my motor mounts was broke not completely broken but enough broken. So then I call my husband to tell him and the price and of course we say "Okay fix it" and then my husband plans to get me for lunch so Facebook friend was abused later. We went out to lunch sat around talking for awhile and then I call up the shop to ask how long it is going to be because if it was going to be much longer I was going to steal Peter's car. Well it turns out that I need an axle! Well I did mention to them to check it but they had fixed the motor mount but kept hearing the sound so they dug further in and found out about the axle. Go me and my Daddy's instruction when I was younger. So we say, "Fix it." This is why we have an O SH** Fund. So I take Peter's car and drive out to the Elementary School which is out in the county to drop off some paperwork off and then I decide to go pick up my friend and socialize a little before picking up my van and doing the car shuffle to get my husband's car back to him so around 2:30 my van was done and I drive my friend back to his side of town and then I go get groceries, pick up Katherine get home start trying to have her study her states as Brie's getting ready for the Fall Orchestra concert.

Star Spangled Banner

Viva La Vida

So we get home, pick up dinner out, start homework and then give everyone a bit of down time before bed. It was an exhausting day of waiting. 

So what's next? Well today Katherine has to hit her states hard! She has a test over 25 States on Wednesday and she still has a lot of work to do on them since we didn't get time to study last week. It's seriously been too crazy!
We will also be trying to fit in carving pumpkins and at some point probably tomorrow the kids HAVE to finish their costumes! No it hasn't been done yet they keep putting it off and I've gotten tired of fighting with them. What does Mom know? She's only going bald trying to keep everyone on task!

Anyways I need to finish getting my last kid out the door she dragged her feet. She fought with me about bedtime and then threw her blankets over her head this morning and I didn't find out until 20 min into the morning!! Seriously anyone want a 13 year old girl? UGH!

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  1. Holy moly, you have lots going on over there! Sorry to hear about the car troubles--that stinks. We haven't even picked up our pumpkins yet (we go the grocery store pumpkin patch) to carve them. What kind of states test is your daughter taking? I admit I chuckled a little at your clothing donation sizes--sounds like something that would happen around here. Hope you have a wonderful week!