Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W4/D2

I was thinking, "Hey this morning is going kind of nice even though I didn't sleep well." Sitting here sipping my coffee. Carpet vacuumed thinking to myself it was nice to have some time before work and then I remembered! Eep! My blog! My challenge!

Today we tackle the living area be this your living room or if there is another main room in the house (other than the kitchen) that your family spends their time in. Shampoo carpets or area rugs. Steam floors if you have hard floors. Also if you are able to then move furniture too. If you need to wait for some help then please do. I know my back is sore for not taking my own advice yesterday.
I swear I vacuumed! This boy and girls is why we shampoo especially if you are like our family and have pets in doors. I know the cat sheds constantly in our home but until I started really scrubbing deep into my floors I hadn't realized how much our dog also sheds in the house. So it's time for another deep cleaning of the carpets.

Have an awesome Tuesday!

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