Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W4/D3

Well it's Wednesday. I know things are cleaner around my house but with how hectic things have been they look dirtier! Oy I need more time to tackle clutter.
Well today is pretty straight forward for floors & I'm in a bit of a rush if I'm going to keep up. Bathrooms & Laundry area if you have one. If you have tile (you lucky folks that do) then scrub the grout and find out what the original color actually was suppose to be. If you have carpeting (believe it or not not unheard of in some much older houses) then shampoo it. If you have linoleum give it a good scrub/mopping. Try to move washers & dryers out of the way to the best of your ability and any other items you might have on the floor go ahead and move them. Oh and I forgot some people put stands behind their toilet to hold stuff (I've considered getting one a few times myself) go ahead and move that out too because around the feet of those stands ick can build up where it is hard to see and our task isn't so much 'appearance' as it is for general health and use. Nothing worse than the changing of the seasons and the high possibility of sick folks and then having yuck built up around your house. It'd be like a road trip with someone that forgot to put on deodorant. At first no one notices but by the end of the trip all the windows are open and you're gagging saying, "Can....'t ...."
With any luck should be a pretty easy/quick day.

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. Maybe I'll jump in with this one today. Been a bit overwhelmed and not feeling 100% (figures just like little kids, now that I'm actually going to the dr, I've perked up a bit) so I've been reading along without doing too much. I still want to do all these things though.