Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W2/D5

So last day of the second week! Wooo it's been well a bad week in the household. You know it's a bad week when come Friday your mother is passing around one cup to be rinsed to eat cereal out of. Needless to say a load of dishes went in this morning.
There's a few things I didn't get to complete this week so that will be the business order for this weekend.
I gave myself an extra week for the horizontal places though and I think it will be needed for myself but I'm not sure if I can 'structure' it like I have the other weeks. I do have some idea for little tasks though they are important tasks.
This is my first time trying to challenge myself or anyone else so I ask for forgiveness. I'll try to keep people up to date on what I try to tackle and what tackles me.
Today how about Russian rullet pick a place, pull the trigger and see if you can overcome it?  My suggestion pick a clutter pile! Here it is the end of the 9 weeks today so that means there are a great deal of papers that can be filed or tossed as we go into Fall Break. Clutter (and disorganization) is the bane of my existence! It piles up so fast and then I never want to touch it again! I think once it reaches a particular point it stops accumulating in that area so if I let it go around the house eventually it'll stop completely right? Yeah.... I don't want to know what that point is.
If you have junk drawers that might be a good place to start too. This is our junk dresser. Every drawer is a junk drawer and it's all just started overflowing. It was bad before but after this past week it has gotten worse than ever!

Good Luck! Ready, Set..... De-Clutter!

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