Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W4/D1

Oh goodness we made it to the 4th week! Though I didn't throw in any bonus material like I said I would! I'll try to do that sometime soon. Sorry folks things got really crazy and I'm hoping to find some sort of normalcy soon!

So I noticed something. I jumped the gun last week on baseboards. That was suppose to be this week! Well if you got it done then good for you and if you didn't well consider this whole week baseboard week while cleaning the floors.
Today's task is the kitchen floor. Mine is exceptionally bad after having a hoard of people over Saturday and then I've been in the process of making costumes so there is cardboard all over my house. Now this isn't just a simple sweep job. If you didn't clean the floor from under the fridge when cleaning the back of it then now is the time to do it. If you have an old bookshelf like I do or some other piece of furniture in your kitchen for storage than now's the time to move it! This isn't your everyday cleaning otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge!

At the end of the day be able to ask yourself, "Would I let my child eat off of this." We have center it around a child and not you otherwise you may find very odd looks from the company when you sit down to the floor to eat.

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