Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W2/D3

Welcome to Day 3! Well I'll have to go back over some cabinets my little hand vac decided to be out of juice and I've got this annoying lip in my cabinet so I'll need to sweep that up tonight.
We're getting over the hump of the middle of the week hooray!
I stayed up a bit late and worked instead of rested and wiped down the fronts of my cabinets. I decided I make lots of excuses and that if I just did things I'd have a lot more done. Mind you I'm not going to promise to do that very often because if I don't get some down time after a busy day of running around with kids and work then I am likely to get this twitch and have violent thoughts of hanging people by toes! I did look at my kitchen this morning and was amazed how much of a face lift getting all the little drips, drops and dark spots from opening things actually did.

I was going to say, "Let's do some windows!" And then I looked at my schedule and about kicked myself. Plus it's raining! Hooray Mother Nature agrees with me that no windows today!

That said onto the living room. No promises on if this will get done or not. But I'm going to shoot for the moon here and try and get a coffee table and end tables and 'insert flat surface here' dusted, wiped, cleaned off. This sadly will depend a lot on my husband's willingness because a good amount of it is his stuff.
Yes even the Oreo cookies are his! I sent him out for ink for the printer he came back with ink and oreos.

Have fun! Remember always easier to dance on a clean table.


  1. Yay! I was planning to clear off a table in the living room today anyway. I'm going to try to set some Halloween/fall decor out so I can justify keeping it. I suppose I'm supposed to do more than one flat surface though ;)

    1. I think you are suppose to but don't take my word on it I think my challenge was keeping one cleaned off for 30 seconds before the family said LOOK a place to put stuff down on. :)