Monday, September 2, 2013

Busy Monday Edition, September 2

So it's been a busy Monday and I'm just staying awake long enough to see that the kids get to bed. I'm sad that our mini-vacation is over but glad to be home.

I'll go over the events of the end of our vacation in my vacation posting that I'll be making up. We did arrive back in town around 4:30 this afternoon from St. Louis and I was able to start loading up pictures. All said and done I kept 198 pictures! No I won't be posting them all up on here but just wow that's a lot.

We grabbed dinner out because I didn't want to cook and Peter mentioned Taco Bell and then he wanted to go to the role-playing game so we went over to that but I didn't participate I am just too brain dead over all from the trip home.

So for my Busy Monday Edition I'll just list my 'To Do List' for the week instead of some insane list for the day.

  • Get Brielle's fundraiser stuff together to be sent in tomorrow.
  • Schedule Brielle's Birthday Party - Now that we have a closer date I can try to do this and pray they have an opening. 
  • Make my Vacation blog post
  • Grocery Shopping
  •  Menu
  • Decided if I am going back to dance - It starts tomorrow and I'm still on the fence about it.
  • Pick up cardboard - Since I was unable to Friday
  • Get a poster board - For Brielle's school project
  • Catch up on some house cleaning -- Suppose I should make sure we have work clothes clean for tomorrow tonight... grrr I just want to go to bed. 
  • Organize coupons - I cut them out last week and bought a new organizer but haven't been able to finish this project yet.
  • Mow the lawns
  • And last but not least (which I'm sure there is other stuff I've forgotten) Survive the work week.
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!