Saturday, January 19, 2013

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Stove - Yes the floor is dirty it happened when we pulled the stove out!

 So those that know me know that while I may be a messy cook I have this thing about when things are clean I want them so clean you can eat off of them and little nicks, scratches or splashes really annoy me. So there my stove looked all pretty and clean other than a burner didn't work. I informed my husband and we went about the task of first figuring out how to open it! That was quite the task that took a lot of internet searches. We did eventually get it open but to tell this story you need a little bit of a back story.
When we bought this house I loved it. We had a big field in front of us with lots of trees to block the view of the apartment buildings and we had a big field in back of us all while living in the city! It made us feel like we were in the country. I'm very sad we no longer have that luxury and every year I think more and more about moving. What's the problem with this scene though? Fields! This means field mice! First we got the cat, Polly and she has done a fine job is a serious part of this family but then when we found out we had termites we bit the bullet and got that taken care of and got a pest control service. This was some years ago.
So here we are in 2013 and I spill water into my stove which shorts out the start control on one of the burners. We get the stove open and ewwww! There had been a mouse living in our stove back then! Thankfully no mouse in the stove now but the nest was there which is what got wet which affected the wiring which sparked a small fire which was all that smoke I saw coming out of my stove! We cleaned out and sanitized the stove and electrical taped the wiring and put it back together and POOF It works again! Just a little bit of time and as I came to realize is that this could have been a much worse situation had we never found that mouse bedding and could have potentially set the house on fire since power constantly runs through those particular lines. So in the end as gross and annoying as it is it is a good thing it was done.

Moving on. So I started a 'To Do' list for this weekend and there's not a whole lot on it though there is a lot I need to get done. I was trying not to over burden myself which is why I also put a couple of the 'little' things on there too so that while I cross things off I can feel like I've accomplished something. (I should have put writing a blog on there too!)

I got the dishes loaded up and now my sink is free so I should go roll those over and get them started. And I picked one of the optional ones which was to try my cleaning solution on a floor vent. I picked the bathroom vent the worst one of all especially since we had construction in there. 
Now believe it or not the first picture where it looks white is before I cleaned! I found drywall dust, flossers and even a pair of tweezers in there! 

The floor vent has been rusted and in bad shape since we moved here. I tried it in my cleaning solution but sadly it didn't do much but help remove dirt and trying to remove the rust I end up removing the paint so I stopped. It is much cleaner but it isn't much prettier. It looks like one of those items I'm going to have to make a petty cash fund for and replace later.

Well there's where I'm at after my second cup of coffee. I need to go grab another cup and figure out what I'm tackling next.

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