Friday, January 18, 2013

Cleaning Stove Grates

Let me start off with the universe apparently hates me. During the course of me trying to clean the stove top and grates before work I got water down into my stove. See I was so happy with my mixture I wanted to use it on the stove top too but it was thin and it was cold by time I got to it so I added some more warm water and boy that was the wrong choice it got down into my gas stove, things started smoking and well... Now you have to light the front burner with a match because it turns on the gas but it turns on the ignition for the back burner! Oy! I hope this is one of those my projects my husband actually gets to without me having to nag for 6 months because I'm a little afraid to pry open the stove top myself.

Now that you know how this ended let's go about how it started at 6 this morning. After coffee I gave Katherine a spelling test because when she went to school she was going to have one and she aced it! I hope she did well. I got her off to school, woke up my husband, got my oldest breakfast and I went on a hunt. You see I tried Dawn Power Clean and loved it! But I don't really love the price with me hardly having enough in the grocery/household budget to get by the rest of the month and I really want to reach my goal of staying in budget so I tried to find a DIY for Power Clean. Guess what.... I can't find one! So after I got my daughter and hubby out the door for the day I set about experimenting. It turned out great for a soaking agent! I left my gas stove grates in there for 10 min and then with very light scrubbing with a scour pad they came clean! I'm used to having to use steal wool and my steam cleaner and work for hours so this was great!

I didn't take pictures of my grates unfortunately but I did get pictures of my stove top (my poor stove I still can't believe I broke it!). The pictures are after I already had wiped it down with 409.

I mean not the worst stove I'm sure anyone has seen but as I said I already wiped it down. 

Here is my stove (coincidentally the side that is broken too!) after. Front burner (poor broken burner) all put together.

I'm sure someone else has already found this combo but here it is!

I'll call it SUPER Scrubber 9000!

1/2 C Baking Soda
1 TBSP Dawn Ultra (I'd double it if using a non-concentrated dish soap)
Hot Water  - No exact measurement just need it to mix and dissolve the baking soda and soap

Add mixture to a sink of hot water (It might work in cold I didn't try I hate my hands getting cold). Add 1 Cup of White Vinegar. This will bubble if you stick it straight into the cleaning solution which is why I suggest after you put water in the sink... which is something you will forget when you're still in the morning haze and you create a volcano in the pitcher you mix in... so do yourself a favor and add it to the sink LOL.

Let sit at least 5 min. If it is stuck on hard check it at 10 min.

Use a scour pad and clean. This really took no elbow grease for me so I hope it doesn't for you.

Rinse and put away.

I'd love to hear if this works well for other people too!

I'll keep you all up to date on the stove status. *crosses fingers* Please let it be something simple and cheap to fix!

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