Monday, January 14, 2013

Hello Monday

Well it's once again Monday and I gave myself the fright of a life time thinking that the kids were out of school on Friday but I was thinking about when I had looked at February's calender.

Some things came to light this past Friday as I was going over the finances and that is that resupplying the house with personal supplies and pet supplies drained a lot of our grocery budget. Technically speaking I only have $115 to make it through the month and we've already gone through our dinning out budget. Could I go over budget and no be bouncing checks? Yes but if I let myself go over budget too much then what is the point to having a budget? So in attempts to streamline and not just impulse buy I went through our freezers and the cabinets to make up the menu for the rest of the month. I still have a huge grocery list to get through the month though because I tried very hard not to make meals too repetitive.

I'm currently trying to decide if I want to buy all my groceries (other than milk/bread/eggs) at once or if I want to continue on my weekly schedule. The good thing about buying everything at once is less chance of impulse buying the bad thing about it is still having to go into the store for those odds and ends so if they have a good sale going I might impulse buy or I will kick myself for not waiting to purchase something during this 'sale'.

In other news I've been able to save one more plant after my green house was destroyed. I'm glad to see some green from my herb but I walked out into the destroyed green house this past weekend and it was so depressing to see all my tomatoes and peppers just black as night.
I had to make the picture really large ;) Do you see the green! It's there I swear!

Peter and I picked up mini-blinds for several windows around the house though I told him not to worry about a few windows. I may change my mind later but for now I don't want to bother with blinds there. We got one set up but we have several windows left to go. I also picked up some really cheep seeds at Menards and the girls picked out a bunch of flower seeds so I guess I really have no choice but to make a new flower bed especially since I just ordered nearly 100 bulbs from Brielle's Orchestra Fund Raiser.

If I can get enough energy I hope to get over to Walmart or Lowes and see what I can do about finding some plastic and some outdoor adhesive tape so that I can patch my green house up for another season. We'll see. I also need to find some potting soil and it may be a little too early in the year for the dollar store to carry it which is where I normally get get it from but it'd be worth the look see because I have a lot of early spring plants that don't like the heat that I need to get started.

I caught up on a lot of my laundry last night though you couldn't tell it now as I've had to do 3 more loads since then. I went through and matched socks and Peter and I got rid of a bunch of the kids socks and our own socks because we'll wear them out or stretch them out and knowing we need new socks we go buy more socks or in the kids case they start to out grow them so we buy more but that's where it stops we then have the bad tendency not to get rid of the old socks! Which means we are buried in socks! So I took the initiative and I got rid of a lot of older socks that were in bad condition. I think a few of the smaller socks got into the girls clothes I need to have them try them on but I still got rid of a bunch which means less to clutter our lives!

I hope everyone has a good Monday. I know I'm going to try to.

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