Monday, January 14, 2013

I broke Kroger!

Okay I didn't really 'break' Kroger but I had an eventful check out.
So I got down to Kroger to do my shopping and decided to go ahead and pick up groceries for the rest of the month as I'm trying to stay as close to my budget as I can but I had $115 for the rest of the month if I was to stick strictly to my grocery budget. What killed things was the fact that I restocked a few items last week over at Save-A-Lot that we would use for the next few months and on top of that Kroger had a deal for personal supplies so I restocked that on top of needing more dog food again. It all adds up even if several of these items I won't need to buy again for a couple months.
Well as to be expected I did go over budget.
Not the healthiest of selections I grant you but I never said this family ate the healthiest. A lot of our food is quick fix for when I get off of work. In total it cost me about $135 and all I should need for the rest of the month is milk and bread. So I went $20 over budget but seeing how I was buying 3 weeks worth of food I don't think I did horribly.
So here's where things get interesting. After I had everything scanned and I gave my coupons over to the attendant she started scanning them and half way through I see a Windows logo pop up and the main computer system went down! They had to shut down all 4 self-scans and had to manually input my coupons onto the register I was checking out on. I kept making jokes about how I was sorry I broke their system trying to make light of the situation even though I really did just want to get out of there. In the end I got to check out and realized after I got into the van I left all my catalina's there at the register. I told myself that they were probably already gone and just went home because Peter asked me out to lunch because they were working off site so he wasn't going to eat at work.
I got things pulled out, snapped this shot then got what I could put in the fridge but when I went to put things in the chest freezer outside I found out that I could not open it! With all the rain the seal had got wet and froze! I tried and I tried but it wouldn't budge and I was afraid of doing too much because I didn't want to hurt the seal on the freezer so back inside to tetris the frozen goods into the fridge freezer which was no easy task.
I was so stressed out that while I was eating at the restaurant with Peter and a family friend/his co-worker Matt, I ate ALL of my meal which was huge and I ended up coming straight home instead of doing any other running because my stomach hurt so bad. It took about 2 1/2 hrs napping (I kept waking up still with a stomachache) before I started feeling better and by that time I had to go get Katherine from After School Care to get home in time for Brielle.
Katherine got a scratch (a mark off) for losing her reading book (they later found it but because she had to search she still got marked off) so as a punishment I had her pull the things out of the dryer and put the stuff from the washer to the dryer, put dishes in the dishwasher and fold jeans. During this we had a little conversation and she found out Mommy did chores like this all the time when she was little and suddenly Katherine thought it was the neatest thing to be like Mommy (I'm not sure if that is good or bad since it was suppose to be a punishment). She was so happy about that when she went to go fold jeans, I told her she just had to do her own, she ended up folding my pants, Peter's and Brielle's.
Rest of the night was pretty uneventful. We had breakfast for dinner. Peter and I watched the Daily Show and Colbert. We watched a video a friend posted on Facebook of some pretty controversial stuff that I won't go into and then settled down to some old Doctor Who (Tom Baker!).
All in all not a horrible day though not as productive as I would have liked.
Tomorrow I go back to the work grind and I'm not looking forward to it to say the least. I've got my coffee prepped, dishes are washing and I'm going to pick up the laundry in the bathroom and then see about going and reading a chapter in the book I'm reading.

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