Thursday, January 17, 2013

Darn Snow Days!

Okay I remember being a kid and loving snow days and I'm sure my children love them too but as an adult I loathe them!
Yesterday school got called off due to the ice on the county roads. We may live in the city but the whole reason we bought this particular house was price and school district because our kids go to county schools which over all have better scores than city schools.
We were a little worried about it Tuesday night so after some discussion a friend of mine was going to find out from work if she just could work from home. Her work is very big on the family thing so they told her it was alright since she had a work computer where she could access what she needed so she stayed home with her daughter and took my two kids also. I think the concept here is that 3 kids is easier than 1 because they entertain each other.
I got into work about a half hour later than normal only to find the contracted engineer waiting for me. He looked like he wanted to give me a bit of grief over being late (not that I knew I had a meeting with him since no one told me) but he didn't. Work was long but I put in my time and got out and got the kiddos.
When I got home I popped dinner into the oven, started the dishes and got a load of laundry done and just sat down when my husband got home. It was an average night really and Peter and I stayed up watching old Tom Baker Doctor Who's again.
Let's rewind to Wednesday morning. The phone call from the school district came at 5:30 am at which point I changed the alarm from 6 to 7. Now fast forward to this morning. Peter wakes up, "Liz! You didn't turn the alarm on!" Well sure I did but it was still set for 7 am! To my surprise and joy the kids got up with their alarms so I had Katherine (who had her shoes on too thankfully) grab her coat and backpack and run out the door. She seemed a bit miffed that she had to eat breakfast at school but things happen. I'm yelling out the door, "You'll get a prize for being ready!" I mean what else could I say I was so happy not to have to rush her down to the school in the frozen car. Peter then brings up, "You know what we didn't do...." Well what we didn't do is have Katherine do her homework last night or practice her spelling words and tomorrow is the test! We are going to have to work extra special hard tonight and I expect there to be a lot of frustration and tears. I will have to make this a big prize for my forgetfulness. I also remembered I didn't sign off on her agenda book so she'll get a mark for that which completely falls onto me again.
Snow days really mess me up!
I need to remember that if there is a threat of a snow day to write myself a BIG note to work with the girls on their homework. That or I need to put a daily alarm in my phone. I'm not sure which. With any luck though this will be the last snow day of this school year.

In other hair pulling news Peter kept me up last night asking me what's been wrong lately and I answered as honestly as I could. I've been very tired recently! I don't feel depressed, I'm not especially mad at anyone. I've actually been pretty tolerant of people recently though I have noticed that my jealousy has spiked which I'm trying to put a lid on. We may never have nice cars (in fact the fabric is falling down on the ceiling of the van and my wheel wells are rusting out) and we have a small house and many of our friends have gotten big houses, nicer cars, big TV's, etc. It's hard not to feel a ting of jealousy. I've always grasped for more than what we had and pushed and pushed which is one reason Peter did go back to college and eventually I went back and why we are at this status of life instead of still living government subsidized housing and why now we can pay our bills on time instead of juggling between over due dates. The problem is I think I've pushed about as hard as I can and we are pretty much stuck at this level there is no more upward movement and it's not that this is a bad level to be at but my dream since being a little kid was to have a big house and a nice big backyard to garden and plant flowers in. Mind you when I was a little kid I also thought I needed to have 14 children so I could use all the names I really liked LOL. At some point we have to let go and until I do that I think this inner jealousy of those stationed higher in life will always fester but I recognize it's there and an undesirable part of me so at least that is something. -- I went onto a rant didn't I? In any case, yes something's wrong but really it is that I'm just tired.

I really didn't mean to let some of my deep darkness about myself show up on this post but I'm human and I try to be completely honest with people. I don't want someone sugar coating things to me with some fake smile and I don't want to do that to myself or anyone else. I've tried smiling while crying guess what I didn't stop crying I just made a very ugly face for the world to see.

Keep your fingers crossed for the spelling tonight. I better get off of here or I'll be late to work!

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