Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Hair Band Holder

So as many may know I have two very beautiful girls (Brielle age 12 and Katherine age 8) and being that they are little girls it means that we have all sorts of hair ties, bows and head bands! It is a little over whelming but if you ask if they want to get rid of any they look at you like you've grown a second head. In my attempts to get better organized I went through all the hair ties and bows (mine included) and organized them into sandwich bags so that we weren't having to dig through drawers (now just through a bag if they are being picky). Hair bands though were the bane of my existence! They take up so much room and they always got in the way. I remembered seeing something in a random web search some months ago and it just stuck in my head so a couple weeks ago I did it. I know, I know and here I am JUST getting around to posting it.

Sorry the kids bathroom is REALLY pink so it throws the colors off for taking pictures.

It's pretty simple. I took some ribbon (that's actually red and sparkly) that I had actually picked up when I had made the collar for Katherine's cat costume. I took the widest head band the girls had and measured how big of a loop would be needed to easily slip it through but not have it too loose. I made some larger loops and then I made some smaller ones for the small bands and made extra loops for their collection to grow. (There is actually a loop where the push pin is I was going to hide where I connected it to the wall but never got that far. I know I'm horrible!)

It was pretty simple I just folded the ribbon and did a single line with my sewing machine where I had marked I needed for the loop (you could pin it but I was being lazy which probably added more time to this project). Repeated the process for each loop and then folded under the end for the final loop and to give it a finished look.

I know not the best directions in the world and I'm sure you'll find your own way. Your spouse may look at you a little funny when you have the finished product but it works wonderfully and now no more hair bands messing up my drawers!


  1. That looks like a pretty and creative solution. One thing I don't have with boys everywhere is hair ribbons and bands overflowing. I just keep the few that are mine in a small storage bucket I picked up at the Target Dollar Spot over the summer. I'm sure it would be an entirely different story if I had girls. With boys, I'm lucky if they comb their hair before going to school. SIGH.

    1. Yes, but you dodged the hair bows and makeup bullet (Well almost but looks like you got yours well organized now). I think I could open a salon and a circus at the same time! LOL