Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last Weekend's To Do List

So I never got back to how I did on my 'To Do' list. Saturday I was pretty productive and knocked out a chunk though Sunday not so much as I ran a friend of mine a favor to kill two birds with one stone because the other is he wanted me to see his house and I had been putting off getting the time for awhile. Monday.... well that was crafts plain and simple.
The List:

  • Catch up dishes (had odds and ends that needed to be hand washed that was the main goal because dishes will always be there)
  • Laundry (Which I'm already behind on again!)
  • Clean Kitchen Floor
  • Clean Bathroom (I'll say it's done but truthfully I didn't scrub the bathtub out but I got the rest done.)
  • Vacuum
  • Litter Box
  • Fill Fish Tank Water
  • Take down ceramic Christmas lights (Yes, I still have more stuff I'm trying to get put up. I started trying to take these down Sunday but it was so cold I couldn't stand it.)
  • put up wreaths (Which are now in their nice nifty wreath container still on my living room floor but are off my walls outside. I just need to carry it up to the attic so job is 90% done.)
  • enter coke points (I needed something easy to accomplish)
  • make V-day bird feeders
  • make heart chain
  • make wax paper sun catchers
  • See how new cleaning formula works on floor grate (I already posted on this because I really had wanted to see)
  • Read a chapter in a book (still working towards my goal of finishing 1 book this year so easy to have too many things going on so I'm trying to keep my goals reasonable.)
  • Sewing pile
  • Put up blinds (I'll call this done but we have 1 more to do. I can't take credit for the work though my husband actually took it upon himself to do it.)
  • Movie night (We've been making it our goal to watch a family safe movie every Saturday night. The children love the time with all the family in one room doing something together and having popcorn.)

I wish the list would disappear forever once thing were done sadly a great deal of this will come creeping back into my next list.
As I said, Sunday I didn't get much done because I was over at my friends getting the tour and talking because well that's what I do when I get out. 
Monday was craft day with the kids but I did grab one of my "Shove it all in there, clear the surfaces for company" boxes and got pretty far in there throwing things away and putting other things away properly. I've got lots of those boxes floating around and slowly but surely I'm combining them down as I go through them. By golly I think if I didn't have to go to work I'd probably have the most organized house EVER. 

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