Friday, January 25, 2013

Sliding into the Weekend

Well it's Friday though it doesn't quite seem like it because at 5:15 this morning we got the phone call that school was canceled and since my husband and I had talked it over the night before he went ahead and called into work using some of his vacation since he has more time off than I do.
When I got up and looked out the window this morning you don't want to know the string of curse words that went through my head they were really embarrassing because all I could think was, "They canceled school for rain?!" After a short rant on Facebook someone told me that though it looked wet out there that was really a sheet of ice. So it was understandable after that.

After waiting til nearly 9 o'clock to go into work thinking the extra time would let the ice melt some (which it couldn't have hurt) and knowing I got held over at work yesterday so today was going to be a short day I braved going out to the van. It was all fine until I hit the drive way and decided to do the splits. I've been sore all day! It probably would have been humorous had someone been watching, my legs going in two different directions and one hand going down to try and stop me from falling on my face while the other one was flung upward I suppose to help support my balance but my keys went flying and I probably looked like I should have been in some dance scene thrown into some sort of show like Glee (though I'm guessing as I've never watched that show). Other than hurt pride and being sore though I was okay at least.

I had Peter put the girls to studying math as both girls needed the practice and even though there was no school today it didn't mean they shouldn't study.

Got home this evening and had the simple meal of sloppy joes and chips. Sometimes it's best just to take it easy.

This weekend I'll be going to my friend's house as she's been making laundry detergent and she's going to show me how. I'm pretty sure I could do it myself but it's much more fun in a group and who needs 5 Gal. of laundry detergent laying around the house when you can split it up and everyone can save money and have fun. I've talked to her and I really wanted to try making the dishwasher detergent I've seen online too so we are going to also do that. In the thought of doing all this I washed out a vegetable oil container we just got done with. I really wish I could have some fancy labels though for my container but adhering things onto plastic seems to be a very difficult thing to do but I decided after web searching that I was going to try a couple different ways.
 This one I tried with a glue stick, a picture I found online and reversed it, a wet sponge and a spoon. It actually has a neat papery textured feeling and I think it'll last longer but didn't come out very even.

 This one I finagled a way to print onto wax paper, used a glue stick and a spoon with the same picture (just larger as you can tell). It came out better but I think it will wipe off easily so I'll have to figure out a good way to coat it. I also tried alcohol with paper but it did not come out at all!
(The liquid in it by the way is just soapy water like I said it held oil so I've been trying to get it cleaned.)

Well that's about it for my Friday and now I'm facing the weekend so yup I have a 'To Do List'.
 Thankfully it's not a crazy one, just mainly catching up from the week. The only things of note really are we are looking at taking the kids to the Science Museum for the 'Dry Ice Show' because my kids really love science, on Friday and then that evening going to the local gaming shop for the pre-release of the new set for Magic the Gathering (it's a card game). And then of course Sunday a play date for the kids while the women folk make soap.

Well that's about it folks. I already warned my friend, Sarah, that I'd be bringing my camera along and that, "I'm so going to blog this." So more to come Sunday or Monday!

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