Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 Min Drawer Challenge

So here's my Facebook posting no reason to retype it:

Okay THIS will be funny I'm going to do the 10 min challenge from the other day from Money Saving Mom and going to pick out the messiest dresser drawer in the house (and trust me it was a hard decision!) Yeah I see this turning BAD since I already know that after losing my laundry room I lost all sense of organization as it's a just a huge PILE O'STUFF it was relatively organized before the room got tossed so yeah I'm predicting an epic fail with my house being a giant mess that I will have to pile all back into the drawer LOL

So I picked out the messiest drawer in my house which happens to be in the dresser in the kitchen where things get sweeped into when trying to quickly clear off surfaces for company (I'm bad like that). It was suppose to be a 10 min challenge but I ended up doing 15 because I was giving my youngest daughter a spelling test at the same time. If I don't multitask I'd never get things done. 

So here's the drawer before: 

Scary hu... It's very random.

So here's after 15 min. Needless to say it's NOT done.

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  1. We have SO many places like that in our house where I have swept stuff away to make things look neat and cleared off. I think it looks like you made good progress!