Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Do List - Try this again

Alrighty, so yesterday I wrote up my 'To Do List' and then proceeded to go on a ramble. Silly me, I blame the lack of sleep the last few days since Peter has a sinus infection I've been listening to the windows rattle in their place with his snoring!
Here's the goal list and I'll cross off what I got finished yesterday and star the items newly added. I'm expecting to go through this process of add and subtract for awhile.

Goals before Next Tuesday

  • Make Menu for next week
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Clean Coffee Maker
  • Clean Stove Grates
  • Plan Thanksgiving Food Cook Times
  • Keep up on laundry & dishes - continuous
  • Clean Fronts of Kitchen Cabinets
  • Clean Oven
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Dust Living room (also listed vacuum but that will be an on going thing it is Fall after all)
  • Clean off random items from flat surfaces (vague but if you are disorganized like me it'll make perfect sense) 
  • Put up Thanksgiving decor 
  • Clean doors & hallway walls (one of these days I will get the time to paint the hallway, primer just attracts every type of grime)
  • Return Kara's PC (For those that don't know my husband is the resident computer guru so we constantly have computers coming in and out of here - it's also what he does for a living outside the home)
  • Clean Kids' Rooms
  • Plan Crafts for kids (The girls are getting to the ages I can start teaching them how to cook some but mommy might rattle a few screws loose if they are underfoot the whole time)
  • *Fix Screen Door
  • *Rake up leaves
  • *Clean Window bases (need more coffee you know that wood part at the bottom of the window)
  • *Clean off side porch
I came home yesterday and I realized that when people get here the first thing they see is the front of the house and I've kind of let it go since it's been cold and I've been busy. "But Elizabeth why aren't you doing it right now?" To heck with you! It's 28 degrees out! I'm going to sit here with my coffee thank you very much. :)

I also took care of the suggested task by Money Saving Mom and wiped down/sanitized all the door knobs last night.

Lots left to do and lots I'm thinking about right now. I need to try and take it a step at a time but it's kind of like watching an accident the moments right before something bad happens (kid runs into the window or something) it's like 'nooooooooo' slow motion and that's how I'm feeling about Thanksgiving right now. I need to get time back into perspective.


  1. Clean random items off flat surfaces is on-going around here as well. I have huge issues with trying to keep our kitchen table cleared off!

    1. LOL My kitchen table used to be the worst but then I got into the bad habit of scooping everything up and putting it on the dresser in the kitchen. Bonus we can eat as a family, downfall the moment anyone on my porch looks in it looks like a trash heap! Glad someone else understands the flat surface dilema :) Good luck!