Monday, November 26, 2012

Back from Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break... that's about a joke isn't it?
Welcome back people.
We had a very busy Thanksgiving and as always things were served late. I was shooting for 1 and it was 2:30 by time I had food ready but I swear it's not my fault!  

This ham my husband is cutting... yes it is the fault of this monstrous thing! One of our normal guests for Thanksgiving showed up with this the night before and while I figured out when to fit it into the oven I forgot to adjust the cooking time for everything else.

Just last night (Sunday night) I used the ham bone to make a stew that apparently Brielle and I like but not so much Peter and definitely not Katherine. It was an experiment with food and it stretched it out and gave me a weeks worth of lunches.
Our little side table and I should have taken better pictures of my pumpkin pies. This year I actually had one of the crust rings that I got from my grandfather when we went and visited (sadly he doesn't have use for those things as they were my grandmother's). So this year my pies looked wonderful and no blackened crust!

Oh and here is a couple pictures of our lefse day Wednesday. (I'm like time traveling backwards aren't I).
Here's Katherine rolling out some lefse. I didn't let the girls do very many it was a lot of work and a lot of time but I was definately trying to involve the girl and I hope next year I won't be so tired so I can get them in on more of the process so that it is a tradition I got from my great-grandmother and hopefully it'll stay within the family passed through my girls because I'm the last person making it in my family.
 Brielle rolling out her lefse she tried MUCH too hard to make it too thin LOL we were trying to clean dough out of the cotton covers after that.

And this year's lefse day produced nearly 10 lbs of lefse.

So we are back to our regularly scheduled program which means today I get to go grocery shopping (and probably take a nap since I stayed up til 12:30 am folding laundry before getting up at 6 this morning). Lots of little things to do and at some point I need to fit in taking Brielle clothing shopping. I wonder if I can fit that in later. I wish she got home from school sooner than 4 pm. We will see I'm starting this day pretty loosely and just praying I don't get called into work since there was a possibility. 

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