Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rosemary Hair Tonic

Rosemary Hair Tonic for greasy hair.

*Warning: Do not drink this if you are afraid that you or someone else has drank it then please contact poison control. Rosemary in high doses can be poisonous.

1 Cup Rosemary
5 Cups Water
Simmer for 20 min
Strain and contain
That easy! 

How you use hair tonic is after you have taken your shower/bath you pour what you need (you shouldn't need all of it) over your hair and try and work it through the layers. Don't wash it out just leave it in. It is suggested that you don't do this more than twice a week and it is also suggested not to keep it over 1 week. Keep any remaining amount between treatments refrigerated.

Now you want to hear something funny? Right now it's kind of yellowish right? If you have some at the end of the week it'll be reddish or so has been my experience. 

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