Monday, November 19, 2012

Return to the 'To Do List'

So I swear some stuff has been done just this weekend it was a pretty much off time and I didn't accomplish much other than spending some down time with the hubby. 

Here is the list I started with:
Goals before Next Tuesday

  • Make Menu for next week
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Clean Coffee Maker
  • Clean Stove Grates
  • Plan Thanksgiving Food Cook Times
  • Keep up on laundry & dishes - continuous
  • Clean Fronts of Kitchen Cabinets
  • Clean Oven
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Dust Living room (also listed vacuum but that will be an on going thing it is Fall after all)
  • Clean off random items from flat surfaces (vague but if you are disorganized like me it'll make perfect sense) 
  • Put up Thanksgiving decor 
  • Clean doors & hallway walls (one of these days I will get the time to paint the hallway, primer just attracts every type of grime)
  • Return Kara's PC (For those that don't know my husband is the resident computer guru so we constantly have computers coming in and out of here - it's also what he does for a living outside the home)
  • Clean Kids' Rooms
  • Plan Crafts for kids (The girls are getting to the ages I can start teaching them how to cook some but mommy might rattle a few screws loose if they are underfoot the whole time)
  • Fix Screen Door
  • Rake up leaves
  • Clean Window bases (need more coffee you know that wood part at the bottom of the window)
  • Clean off side porch
  • Clean microwave
  • Give Blacky (our dog) a bath
I was able to accomplish some more things over the weekend and today but not as much as I wanted. I got side tracked and went into the playroom and the kids had just thrown things into random buckets and containers. I'm sure it's been like this for a little bit because the girls have had company over which normally means a mess but I've really avoided looking to avoid getting my blood pressure up. I wanted to start with organization but there was just so much that I knew it wasn't all going to get done. I got my youngest daughter, Katherine, started on organizing some items and on her own she decided to start a donation pile (oh thank goodness). We didn't get very far though because wanted to shampoo the carpet. Well come to find out I was out of shampooing liquid so I looked online and saw windex so I tried it... not very good results so I looked some more and found vinegar so then the room was stinky and still not good results and I noticed my shampooer wasn't sucking up all the water! Well come to find out part of it broke so my husband went out tonight and bought me a new one. I really hated spending the money on one but I really couldn't go the whole Fall/Winter without the ability to clean my carpets. After 3 containers of water and soap I got the floor looking presentable again. I'll never look new it's a high traffic area because it's where the back door is located and we've lived in this house for 6 years and undergone several different construction things and always used the back door but at least it wasn't noticeable stains everywhere and it got close back to the correct color. 

Tomorrow is really my last day to accomplish anything on the house and items like laundry are never going to be fully done but I have kept the fold pile to just a basket which isn't bad for me. 

Tomorrow's agenda is to go to work, come home and clean, pick of the kids from school, make dinner and then go to the last dance class for this year and then back home to start the process of making lefse which should take me well into the night. 

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