Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Messed up morning

Well I'm at work wading through morning emails, file updates, etc.
It was a rough morning first Katherine really wanted to wear one of her favorate shirts and I told her that she could but she had to wear long sleeves under it because it has decided to finally turn cold in Kentucky. All this turned into a fiasco and she ended up missing her bus and I had to drive her down to school.
Then this morning, after I got back, Peter and I had a serious conversation with Brielle about her school work and grades because we hadn't really made it a point to confront her on her mid-80's grades in a couple classes. We want to make sure she at least stays near the 'A' range otherwise she'll be unable to participate in Jr. Beta and we know she really enjoys it and all the extra chances it gives her to get out and volunteer more. Part of the problem is that she's in Algebra which is a 9th grade class and she's in 7th grade so she's not used to the homework load and the back to back tests.
Needless to say it was a pretty big mess today. So, after all this mess I get just about to work and realize that I forgot to start dinner in the crockpot! Tuesdays are my bellydancing class nights so I try to make sure dinner is in the crockpot so that when I leave for class the family has dinner... oops.
So the plan is to get out of work (wrinkles her nose at her still updating PC), go pay the tags on both cars and then go start something for dinner. I have figured out what quite yet but I'l figure it out.
Well looks like that enough playing on my cellphone I need to research why AutoCAD is being a pain to me today.
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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