Thursday, November 15, 2012

To Do List - Day ?

I can't remember what day this is I'm exhausted we'll call it two? Two sounds good.

I put some Cheesy Chicken in the crock pot this morning before heading off to work so thankfully other than making pasta dinner is already done.

Work was... Stressful. Lots of requests, walking around checking equipment and research. It got to such a point I had to skip my 10 min. break which is when I normally eat something for lunch real quick so I didn't get to eat til I got home this afternoon. I had the shakes pretty bad by time I got home.

Moving on...

From my To Do List posted the other day.

  • Rake yard (I only did the front yard but that was all was really worried about at the moment)
  • Clean off side porch (I decided to not shoot for perfection because I wasn't going to get it with some of Peter's computer cases out there and no good place to store them so I got them into a corner and positioned a chair in front of them LOL)
I then proceeded to add two new tasks to the list

  • Clean microwave
  • Give Blacky (our dog) a bath
If I don't stop adding things then I'm going to never finish this list!

Well off to go do Day 9 of Money Saving Mom of 4 Weeks To A More Organized Home. I don't think it's organizing a thing for because I skip all the days that would tackles some sort of organization! :) I'm bad I know it!

I'm so not in the mood for Christmas music yet but I've been bombarded for the past week with it as Brielle practices her violin for an upcoming concert. I think I should invest in ear plugs or some sort of holster for my cellphone so I can listen to something else for a while. 

Anyways why am I still jabbering I need to clean and find out where my little Katherine has slipped off to while I wasn't looking, she needs to study for a spelling test. She's probably hiding somewhere with a book.

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