Monday, November 12, 2012

This is a day off? Why do I feel like I'm working?

Well today was a paid holiday for me so I tried to get what running I could done today. Things left on my list were paying for the car tags (I drove down there but of course they were closed I should have figured that out) and I haven't even started on the laundry other than getting it washed & dry.

I made an extra stop today over at Walmart because I had a little bit of time before needing to be at the school to pick up the Pepsi. I picked up a couple frozen burritos that I thought I had a coupon for but apparently I was so happy with seeing the word 'free' that I failed to recognize they expired but I bought them anyways because I didn't feel like spending the time to have them taken off my ticket at self checkout. It was worth the $4 for me not to go through that headache and I picked up my husband some undergarments since he mentioned the other day that he was down to 4. Which would be why I seemingly never ran across his clothes while doing laundry.

I also added on the task of fixing the bathtub drain it was bugging me though I did have to get a hold of my husband to ask him how to take apart our new drain. Now I'll just need to scrub out the tub. Nothing like a stopped up drain to annoy a girl but all fixed now.

I normally have my menu and couponing done on Sunday but it took them until 10 o'clock for Kroger to fix their ad online. That's okay I was able to pair up a few good items and I have probably 80% of the shopping done for Thanksgiving. I'm holding off on things that might go bad over the course of the next week. I should be getting the company gift card for Thanksgiving next week too so I'm hoping that will cover the cost.
I spent $81.45 so over all I don't think I did poorly (also a case of bottled water that didn't make it into the pic because I was in a hurry to unload). With any luck, even with me hosting Thanksgiving, we won't go over our grocery budget. Boy I hope not because we are over our eating out budget by a lot due to everything that has happened this month.

Well time to go get the hamburger meat separated so that I can start dinner and I need to get the laundry switched around. I should *knocks on wood* only have 2 loads left to wash and I will be 99% caught up (never 100% unless everyone is standing around naked).

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