Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday 'To Do List' Deadline

Well today is the deadline I set for myself on my 'To Do List' but sadly it did not get done. I did give the dog a bath but then noticed the had matted himself up in a couple areas (I need to get him down to a professional groomer it is that time again) so I ended up with a pair of scissors and my hair trimmers for him and we had a little scuffle as I tried to make him understand I just wanted to give him a trim and that it would be fine. I could see it in his eyes though, "Yeah just a trim.. with that buzzy thing and those big sharp pointy things." In the end he ended up coming out to look very funny but at least he doesn't have enough hair on his legs to mat up until I can get him an appointment down at the groomers. 

Needless to say dropping off that PC, cleaning the bathroom and windows and the kids room  and cleaning off those random items from flat surfaces did not get done. The kids did work on their bedroom this evening though I made sure that Peter got them on to it when I was gone for my dance class. 

I came home and started working on lefse. The family sat down together and I had a couple huge bowls and we watched some TV while I peeled 10 lbs of potatoes (no I'm not exaggerating). I got the potatoes riced and just the perfect 16 cups of riced potatoes. I mixed in everything but the flour and I'm looking at my bowl wondering how every year I mix in all the flour I will need to tomorrow. 

I've got a lot of cooking to do between the lefse and pies and was told that I'm having a ham dropped off so I will need to adjust my cooking schedule for Thursday to accommodate that. The gentleman dropping it off is joining us for Thanksgiving and he was like, "Well it's precooked and presliced." I had to explain it to him that I think everyone would like it if it was warmed up at the very least. I will go down (or send Peter down) to the store tomorrow for some frozen OJ and I'll make my normal honey orange glaze for it. 

I've been pretty stressed out and look forward to when Thanksgiving dinner is cooked and I can look around at all the faces and think to myself, "I survived again." 

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