Monday, November 12, 2012

I'm not perfect but I'm blessed

I was thinking about this as I was cooking dinner and as it is to the point now that I can step away for a little bit I thought I would write. Though don't be surprised if I lose my train of thought as I go back in and out of the kitchen to try and make sure things don't burn.

I was thinking to myself that I'm blessed to be able to make dinner for my family. I really dislike the house, I'm more of an outside person but sitting here complaining about being able to put something on the stove is also kind of silly. I remember when my husband and I were in college and struggling trying to pay bills and even to have a moment to ourselves and when popping a TV dinner in the microwave was common place and even on our menu! We've come a long ways from that and I'm very thankful. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I think we all like to have a meal from something other than the microwave even if it does still come from a box.

I am blessed that that my work gives me flexible hours and that I only have to work part-time (even if my job can be very stressful and unpredictable) and that my husband has found a good job. We are not well off by any stretch of the imagination but we are getting by okay which means that we can put out that helping hand to our friends and family at times as we have always tried to do.

I'm not perfect nor is my family. I'd like everyone to know there are a lot of working moms out there that work a lot more hours than I do but all of us that try to go out to our day jobs and then turn around to take care of our families deserve a pat on the back and this little blog is my way to vent but also my way to show that you're not alone!

My house isn't perfectly clean. I'm not organized. I'm always running around like a chicken without a head. My children make mistakes, make messes and otherwise are causes for worry, stress and joy. My husband and I have our arguments though I am thankful that we generally work them out and if not at least we are grown up enough to drop them and move on.

You won't see pictures of some place with one item out of place and me crying out "Oh I must clean this today." My couch is stacked with laundry and it won't take long to find where I don't get to dust often.

I don't do home cooked, organic meals. I grab a box maybe some seasonings and I go with it! My meals don't come out looking like they were from Martha Stewart. Case in point, tonight I set off off the smoke alarms!

My family thinks I'm perfect but then again I've taught them how to lower their standards! :)

Just my thought for this evening now to go crunch through some VERY crispy taco shells :)

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  1. Sometimes the crispy taco shells are the best. We don't have to be perfect but it sounds like you've got lots of things together!