Friday, November 9, 2012

Organization? Nope not yet

So my 'To Do List' isn't wrote out pretty and it is never short. I still ended up doing the no-no of shoving papers in a drawer though at least I was able to go through a chunk and throw away a bunch of old school papers from the kids and collect up my samples and find the random coupons floating around with the samples.

Perhaps I would have succeeded but today is my husband's birthday so after work I went to have lunch with him and then he wanted me to go to the mall with him to look at a coat it was expensive but something he's been looking at getting for some years so I told him to go ahead and get it. He just came over and told me 'Thank you' apparently he had a good birthday so that is a success.

So today's list:
-Kids off to school
-Pick up Peter's cake (no way I was going to have time to bake a cheesecake myself and that is what he wanted)
-Wrap his present (yeah I should have done this earlier this week)
-Shampoo the carpet in the playroom
-Vacuum the carpets
-Clean the kitchen floor
-Clean the litter box
-Take family out to dinner
-Put x-mas tot (presents for this year thankfully the kids haven't been curious to look in there) up in the attic
-Clean the bathroom
-Clean the living room
-Clean stove grates
-Fill water back up in fish tank
-put away halloween decorations

Notice what hasn't been crossed off.. epic fail. But I did clean up the kitchen table and wiped down the fridge and other stuff in the kitchen so by time it came to the grates I was feeling ugg and didn't do it.
We had company come over with their kid so that took up the living room so I couldn't clean in there so I will have to do that tomorrow too late to start pulling out the vacuum. And because of having an extra kiddo here I left the shampooing alone so that they could play.
I made a big dent in the laundry but still behind on getting it folded and put away. I'll get back there eventually but things just haven't been off since I lost my laundry room folding area.

Tomorrow I volunteered to let a friend have their kids birthday party here so I need to finish the cleaning and go out and clean up the backyard because it is suppose to be 70 degrees so the hope of the parents is that we can kick the kids out to the yard and let them run wild out there.

I could have perhaps got more done but Peter has been wanting me to spend time with him so I've been playing video games for the past hour LOL it's him and me time so we enjoy it and it makes him happy.

Turns out the team leader position at Peter's work is opening up soon so he's a bit stressed by that hope it passes we'll be fine either way but I'm not going to lie I hope he gets the position.

Well there's my day in a nutshell. I hope everyone else is having a good evening.

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