Thursday, November 8, 2012

Never enough hours in the day...

So after filling out for some freebies today which I posted on my Facebook page "A Budget You Can Live With" I had to proceed to go drop off Peter's cellphone. Silly man left it at home. Then it was off to work. Work started in about the normal annoying way with tedious things to do though I didn't get far in those before I found out that the night before things went very wrong in the plant and I suddenly had a new task that needed to be done right then with a tape measure and me reaching for pipes trying to get some sort of measurement. I ended up staying an hour over time and I'm still not sure if it was all done to what was needed but I stuck a note on it and put it on the Project Manager's desk and proceeded home.

During the slow part of my day I did ask a friend about where his daughter's birthday party was going to be and they still hadn't found a place since their home is much smaller than even mine so I offered for them to use mine. I'm happy that I can help out a friend and their lovely daughter though I am a little stressed at the idea that I need to try and get my house back up to snuff for lots of little kids. I've been needing to catch up around the house just hadn't planned to have it done before Saturday.

I got home this afternoon and raked all the leaves in the front yard to the curb (the backyard is another matter!), got the plants in the greenhouse watered and noted I need to hurry up and get those grow lights.

I've started the hair tonic for my oldest daughter, Brielle. Incase you don't already know, Brielle has extremely thick and greasy hair and you'd be surprised on how hard it is to find products for greasy hair. When going through one of my herb books the other month I found a hair tonic to help degrease and I've had her use it once and while it isn't a miracle cure it does help. I'll make a posting later about this hair tonic incase anyone else has this sort of problem. It uses a bunch of rosemary so you and your house will be scented!

Working on dinner right now as I asked Peter to pick up my youngest daughter, Katherine, from school so I could get things done. I won't have dinner on the table at 5 like I try to but it shouldn't be too late at least.

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