Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W1/D2

Oh wow maybe I spoke too soon on D1! Did you survive yesterday? I barely did! I was down to the wire with trying to tuck the kids in while also trying to get their rooms finished. I guess it doesn't work well to try and put your kids to sleep and clean at the same time. I hope I'm not the only one that suddenly realized there was more dust and cobwebs than I ever really noticed. It seemed every time I had an area done I'd walk in just a position to see where I missed something.

Well pushing on to D2! Now this one doesn't scare me! Okay maybe it does but only because I really hate step ladders. Make sure you are safe and if you have to wait until someone comes home just to make sure that you are! We are covering lights and ceiling fans!
This is a great time to clean the glass of your lights and replace burnt out bulbs. It's getting darker sooner so we want to make sure to have good light inside.
If you're like me while cleaning the ceiling you probably noticed a lot of lights that could use some tender loving care and I keep my ceiling fans on all the time so when I turned them off for yesterdays challenge I was shocked to see how dirty they were. This isn't to say I don't try to clean them but rather they are one of those things that get put off more than others because out of sight, out of mind.

Just stay safe and have a bright day! - hehe see what I did there.... 

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