Sunday, September 15, 2013

My week in a Nutshell (Boy that's a big nutshell!)

This last weeks 'To Do' List:
  • Mow the yards
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Fix kids' door to playroom
  • Brielle's 2nd Ortho appointment -Rescheduled by Orthodontist
  • Katherine's Picture Day
  • Buy Brielle a Present - Peter took care of this
  • Order Brielle's Cake
  • Drop off 4-H Forms
  • Pick-Up Cabinet 
  • Pick-Up Stain for Cabinet 
  • Repack canning supplies & store
So yeah there was a lot of stuff that was not taken care of and it's been a crazy week. We had a PTO performance for my daughter that I had completely forgot to put down on the calendar for Tuesday. That was the nail in the coffin for me not going back to dance class this term. We were there at 6 o'clock until I'm not sure when because there was a heat advisory the Family Exercise Night activity was moved indoors and the bookfair was going on so we walked a mile inside the school and then went through the book fair and because Katherine had such good grades she got to pick out a book. She got 'How to Train Your Dragon' which is about 209 pages long the next day she read it in one day! Thank goodness we normally go to the library! 

Wednesday, I went down to the Extension Service and turned in the 4-H forms and found out and signed the girls up for a couple clubs. Signed up both kids for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) club which only had 20 slots total and was almost filled up! Glad I didn't put this off. I found out the 4-H stem club is also in talks with the community college to use their robotics department down the line!! I think that is totally awesome! Next month all these clubs start so it'll be interesting to see what my schedule ends up looking like.
Also, I was determined Wednesday to participate in the 'Make It From Scratch' so I did the pumpkin bread I still need to make another try at it and see if I can get it to where we'd really like it. 

Thursday, after work I went and picked up a friend and he helped me unload the seats in my van and we drove way out into the county to a custom cabinet store and picked up my new cabinet (that is now on my back porch waiting to be stained). A new corner cabinet with a solid shelf not a lazy suzan! I've been waiting to replace mine for such a long time I'm so excited to get much of my storage back for crafting supplies! 
After having the cabinet loaded my friend and I got in the van and started driving down the road. I realized my speedometer needle was BEHIND the peg! It wasn't warped, I hadn't been driving fast and the only think I could think was, "Oh my god I broke the spring" because the last time I worked around a speedometer was my dad's 89 Nissan pickup and I figured things hadn't changed much since then. So we very cautiously got home and unloaded the cabinet. I used my garmin to check speed when I drove my friend back home and then I came home and started my Google search. 
I want to say THANK YOU internet! While the general construction of a speedometer really might not have changed over the years the thing that has changed is how much our cars use the computers in them now. I knew my battery was low on voltage but it still got the car started so I didn't worry about it. Well come to find out that if your battery is low it can cause exactly what I experienced! What you do is with the car off you hold down the Trip Setter until it lights up and then the van ('02 Dodge Caravan - and a few other models) will go through a calibration process and poof things are fixed. Now it's on the list of things to do to go buy the van a new battery. 

Friday, I took apart our tower fan in the morning ( I didn't mention but Thursday night that broke too) and after fighting to get some screws that looked like they had been stripped when the company put them in there I got down to the bones of the fan. I gave it a good cleaning, looked over all the cables and whatnot and then put it back together without the covering and tried it. It ran so I put the covering back on and got myself off to work.
Well Friday I had promised to help my friend that helped me Thursday to move from the house he was living at back to his parents house because his mom really just needed him there. So we made two trips getting boxes and his bed, etc. That took us right up to the time where I had to get Katherine and then get home to make dinner so Brielle and Peter could have time to eat before they went to Friday Night Magic. At which point a friend of mine who is doing several medieval events and working on making her own tent asked me if she could come over to work on the tent. Katherine said that was okay because she wanted to watch movies Friday Night. Now I'm very proud of my friend the last time she came over I had to do the sewing but since then she's really progressing on using a sewing machine and other than giving some pointers on how to use my machine I was able to leave her be which is why I had time to do my 2nd 'Make It From Scratch' items. 

Saturday, Peter's parents came in town (darn the Eastern Seaboard for not having volcanos!). Peter worked in his mother's laptop and then we went out for lunch for Brielle's birthday. It turned out Peter's parents didn't need him so it juggled things so I let the kids play on their computers and I set Brielle up a Facebook account for her 13th birthday. Since my sewing machine was already out I tackled the sewing pile until about 6 o'clock at which point I figured I'd better wake Peter up from his long nap so we could go out to dinner for Brielle's Birthday. We normally don't eat out twice but lunch Peter's parents paid for and I had no plans for dinner because we normally do Birthday 'dinners'. 

And now today.... I've got a list as long as my arm that I'd like to get done today but I'm not going to push too hard. I think a little bit of down time (at least long enough to enjoy my coffee) would do me good. 

I hope everyone else had a productive week and hopefully next week I will do better on my 'To Do' List. I'm also trying to get geared up to do my own series  starting hopefully Monday, the 23rd. Covering Fall home prep. I've got a start on it on paper so now I just need to make sure I follow through. 

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