Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W1/D3

Woot! Day 3 is here and somehow I've been keeping with my own goals on this one. You'd hope so right? Well it's harder than I'd like to admit. With tests back into full swing at school for the kids it seems like most of my free time is dedicated to that but I'm pushing and down the wire again as my husband looked at me funny as I left for the store at 7pm to get more light bulbs. I didn't realize some of them were out I was kind of just used to things being dim. I can completely notice a difference now!

Well we are past what I guess should have been the easy days though it didn't feel like it. The goal for day 3 is pictures and shelves! Oh my! What have I gotten myself into! And for myself this also includes my tapestries and other wall hanging nicknacks.
Dust, clean heck take off the wall might even be a good plan because you'd be surprised on where dust bunnies like to breed.
I think I'll handle behind my bookshelves as well with my extending rod duster. Ah the wonderful things they come out with.

It should be an interesting day because I never really noticed how many things I have on the wall until it is time to clean them.

It also gives you a moment to appreciate all the memories you have surrounding you that can be so easy to forget during the course of our day to day lives.
I especially love the baby pictures. So hard to remember my girls being so tiny!

Happy Cleaning! -- Don't worry nothing witty to say this morning.

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