Friday, September 6, 2013

Surviving Friday

So it's Friday... *week horray* I've been sick... I mean horrifically ill! Last week I went to the doctor and started treatment for a double ear infection and an upper respiratory infection and my oldest daughter, Brielle, had still a lingering cold going on. We went on our vacation anyway though and enjoyed ourselves though by Monday night I was very worn down but I thought it was just the drive home. By Tuesday I was pushing through work hardly able to focus and by Wednesday I was calling in sick along with Thursday. I've been bedridden those days and today I pushed myself to go into work because my supervisors tone sounded a bit off when I had called in the other days. I have plenty of sick leave but seeing how I am the only drafter for the entire plant things very often land on my lap. Example of what happens when I'm gone: Engineer came to me today with a marked up drawing 2 revisions old so half the stuff he was marking up was already on the newest revision.... probably more than half I'm trying to be nice here.
Anyway, so I went into work today and then was informed by three different people while I was there that I should have stayed home in bed. And what? Let work pile up on me? My job could easily be a 40 hrs/week job I just choose to work 20 hrs/week for my family's sake.

So to give credit where credit is due Peter did go by the grocery store earlier this week and picked up a pound of hamburger and made dinner one night and he has been getting Katherine from school this week. We have otherwise been eating ourselves out of house and home as I've been too ill to worry about a menu or a grocery list.

I finally forced myself to the grocery today after work.

So my $39.79 trip. Not very impressive at all. Word of advice don't go to the grocery store having not ate for the day. I don't really feel hungry because of this illness so I was kind of just grabbing things out of the feeling that we just needed food in the house.

I keep wanting to get up and start cleaning house but every time I start doing a lot of physical activity I go into coughing fits and then spend the next 5 minutes trying to remember how to breath again.

What happens when mom is sick?

Well first the dishes stack up. Now again to give credit where credit is due Peter did do one load of dishes for me back on Tuesday when I was first laid up with this ick so it's not as bad as it could have been. 

I think everything has started to migrate to the floor and flat surfaces from the deepest crevices of our home! 

Naw we don't have a laundry hamper in the laundry room. We've got a nice floor.... Anyone else experiences this daily? Truthfully I did pick up most of it yesterday before I nearly collapsed wheezing. 

I've been washing... It's been stacking! Sad thing is the dryer is full right now too! I think I might have clothes in the washer too everything is a bit hazy. 

So my goals for this weekend:
  • Find something fun for Katherine tonight while Brielle plays Magic with Peter... something fun that does not take a lot of effort on my part. 
  • Getting myself to feel better
  • Tackling the clothing monster because I just got confirmation our new replacement cabinet for the corner should be done in a week which means next weekend we'll be staining so I have maybe a week and a half to get things in order.... should be plenty of time if I don't procrastinate too much.
  • Dishes - Other cleaning I think I'm going to try and hold off a little otherwise I'll work against my second goal I already listed. 
  • Tomorrow is Free Magic Day (they have some other name for it like Magic Celebration but it's free so we call it what it is) across the country so the kids will be down at the card shop. I already warned Peter it's going to really depend on how I feel on if I can go or not. I need to not push myself so hard otherwise I'll never get well. 

I think I'll leave it at that. There are a billion things I want to get done. A billion more I never got done this past week but I really can't stand being ill much longer it makes me twitch and want to kill stuff because I feel so gosh darn useless! 

Hope everyone else has a great weekend! 


  1. Sounds like you have "the plague" no fun. I'm not a doctor nor do I play one on tv ;) but when I was coughing like mad (it seemed to linger forever), this really helped: Bigelow green tea with lemon, then add as much extra lemon juice as you can stand and a teaspoon of honey. I found it somewhere or other on the internet when I was diagnosing myself (really shouldn't do that). Feel better!

    1. Thanks. I've been loading up on lemon tea recently though sadly no honey. I almost bought some Friday until I saw it was $4 for this little bear of honey :) By golly I need to raise my own bees truth is the swarm my plethora of plants every year especially my lavender. Only fair they give me back honey at a discounted rate. LOL
      I think we all try and diagnose ourselves. I know my big thing is in the last 3 weeks I've been to the doctor twice! I'm kind of tired of going truth be told. I think every time they say, "Take this." I trade one ailment for another. :)