Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Cleaning Challenge: W1/D4

Day 4 is here! I took time admiring the pictures on the wall as I cleaned seeing seeing my babies so young gave me that baby itch I know my husband would chide me over. (Shhh... anyone know where I can steal a baby for an hour to nuzzle and baby talk to?)

Now I'm going to be honest I don't expect to get 100% done with Day 4. If I do then GREAT but I'm setting the bar low for myself but I did note while cleaning some very key areas I need to scrub.

Day 4 is Walls!

Now before you freak out this is the wall behind the sink in the bathroom. No not all my walls look that bad!

Walls are the bane of my existence. Seriously, they are evil. But if you are like me then you've been knocking down a lot of dust or you are just coming out of kids being sick and as much as you run around them just watch somewhere there will be a smear on your wall and you can't tell if it's some silly goop they were playing with (which is most probably it is) or some snot smear (your worst nightmare). Thankfully we are out of the crayon on the wall phase. My suggestion? Magic eraser! But I learned to watch out scrubbing too hard especially when going after crayon it can take paint off too. Who would think that little white sponge thing could have that kind of power!

And not done yet I have one more task to add to this list. My house has a central system and I've been knocking down a lot of dust so it is time to check the filter. The filter is a big thing especially with furnace weather coming up.

Hey if the kids are going to drive you up the wall let it be a clean one! Happy Thursday folks! 

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