Monday, September 9, 2013

Busy Monday Edition, September 9

Well it's Monday again. We really need to petition the government to give us a day between Sunday and Monday so we can prepare for another week. 

I'm on the tail end of this gunk I've had so I've started to get more active again! Thank goodness and because of that I put a good dent into the cleaning around the house yesterday. 

So let's get on with it! Lists, lists and more lists! My house is made up of lists and sticky notes! Sadly it does not make the best insulation. 

Today's 'To-Do' List
  • Menu
  • Laundry
  • Vacuum
  • Organize Coupons
  • Clean/Put Away Pottery Wheel
  • Dust Livingroom
  • Drop off extra coupons
  • Pick-Up Cardboard
  • Return Katherine's Library Book
  • Take Brielle to Orthodontist  
  • Take Katherine for a Haircut
  • Finish 4-H Forms
  • Buy invitations for Brielle's Party & Fill out
The laundry actually should be pretty easy just annoying. I have only 1! load of laundry to do and then just a basket full of socks mostly. I really dislike socks! I think they should automatically be attracted to their mate! 
As far as the coupons go I actually did get through a huge stack of them and then when I opened up my door this morning I saw that my friend dropped off more coupons for me to go through. At least I bought a new coupon organizer the other week so I actually can have a chance of getting this done. 
The library book thing has me worried. While Katherine was reading her book she found that one of the page corners was completely torn out! And not from us this was damage apparently the library never caught before. I'm afraid they are going to charge me for the book. It's not that I mind helping out the library but I don't want to be accused for something we did not do. 
Katherine has picture day this week so she's decided it's time to remove her bangs from her nose! 

So my menu item is already crossed off. I have a pretty simple menu this week. I'm getting better but I'm not up to par and I'd like to make sure we actually can feel up to following the menu instead of doing like last night and ending up getting take-out.

This Week's 'To-Do' List
I am trying to be a bit more realistic about my 'lists' so I will also look at a To-List for the week. If I can cross them off today then great if I can't well they are planned for later in the week anyway. 
  • Mow the yards
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Fix kids' door to playroom (No this hasn't been done yet! It is just leaning up in the doorway!) 
  • Brielle's 2nd Ortho appointment
  • Katherine's Picture Day
  • Buy Brielle a Present
  • Order Brielle's Cake
  • Drop off 4-H Forms
  • Pick-Up Cabinet (Yes, I was told they were working on my cabinet doors so I'll be able to pick-up my custom all wood corner cabinet for the laundry room this week if all goes well!)
  • Pick-Up Stain for Cabinet (Did I mention it was an unfinished cabinet?)
  • Repack canning supplies & store (This one is a 'maybe' we are going into apple season and the U-Picks have started and it's got me itching again even though I swore after the peaches I was done.)
I'm sure a million other things will come up during the course of the week and of course my #1 Goal is just to survive work. 

Well it's almost 8:30! EEP! I better get going on this day if I'm going to get stuff done!

Have a great week folks!

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