Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday Fun

So I got up at 7am today and not because I went to bed early but rather I slept on the couch after finding laying in my bed made me very ill. So today I'm starting off broken again and all the wellness I started to gain back feel like a long lost dream. I'm really not as 'bad' as I was but everything went in my throat so that's hurting really super bad.

So what am I going to do when the house is asleep and I'm not up to par? Well I'm going to talk about Katherine and my Friday night.

So Peter takes Brielle out to play Magic the Gathering (a card game) every Friday night. During this one on one time with Katherine I generally take her down to the Y so she can use that overload of energy she has but this week as sick as I was I didn't want to be anywhere near that pool room. Katherine was disappointed even though I was suggesting really fun things and then I landed on playing with clay. Now to note if you ever thought about getting one of those pottery wheels... yeah the clay that comes with it is horrific!! I mean it is just bad! In any case though we got it to work well enough (yes this kids pottery wheel was a present to me for Christmas everyone thought I was crazy but there is something about working with clay even bad clay).

See! Now doesn't that look like fun! It was a horrible mess in all truth but she enjoyed every bit of it. Once the wibbly wobbly pot like thing which has walls so thick it'll take a century to dry... but she loves it... was done we cleaned ourselves up and moved onto our next thing. 

Peter had bought a white T-shirt for Katherine for school but the plan of the school was to cut it up so he instead traded it out for one of his old white undershirts and now we were left with a T-shirt! Oh the horror!  
(can you tell I haven't gotten coffee into me yet?)
Well we couldn't let that be so I found some T-Shirt print paper that I have had on my desk for at least 5 years! But we've never used it. Truthfully I know it was given to us but I can't even remember by whom any more. 

 Katherine really wanted a dinosaur so we found one she liked and we printed it and ironed it on. We had no clue what we were doing so of course this one turned out great. The key with these things is take your time and pretty much no such thing as over ironing.

By time we got to the second one I think just the picture was light but it turned out okay (see bottom dinosaur) but then Katherine got tuckered out as I mentally cursed the printer and fought with it for an hour and she just could not wake up long enough to help with ironing her name on. I, myself, was so tired that I didn't iron it on long enough! Oops :( But I think she'll still love it. We're already talking about how we need to get rid of a bunch of her shirts and give her a custom wardrobe.

So after I carried (yes carried which is very hard to do with a 9 year old) Katherine to bed because she just couldn't wake up long enough to do much more than look at me, mumble something, smile and then pass back out, I worked on cleaning up the house a little from all the clay, scraps, and other crafting goodies. She really ended up enjoying herself  having a night in as much as she didn't think she would.

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