Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Make It From Scratch Challenge: Pumpkin Bread (Day 1)

So over on  she's been having a make it from scratch week. Well it's Wednesday and I'm jumping in at least for today. Make it from scratch means no box kits. It's not like buying a yellow cake mix and making a poke cake it's making the yellow cake without a mix and doing that. I didn't do anything so labor intensive as that instead I've been continuing to play with my breadmaker after rediscovering it from making egg bagels from scratch last weekend before this challenge started.

Tonight I attempted pumpkin bread in my bread maker. I had saw a recipe on Betty Crocker and it got my mind churning and ready for it even on these hot late summer days. Today I decided to do it since I had plenty of pumpkin around that I had found on discount a few months ago. Well I read into the recipe some more and saw a lot of complaints about it so I decided to go to my Betty Crocker cookbook and then halved the recipe and put it in the breadmaker and made an educated guess on it. This is a quick bread so I put it on the quick setting. Thankfully it worked out. I also mixed in half a cup of chocolate chips.

So it came out looking awesome!

Sadly though the look wasn't the same as the taste. It will definitely get ate but it didn't have enough of a pumpkin taste for my husband and myself. Pumpkin bread is quite literally an adjusted zucchini bread and I had remembered reading about how applesauce could be used to replace oil so I did some digging and it looks like pumpkin can be used in the same manner. I will come back to this recipe since my husband loves pumpkin and if it get the adjustments down correctly I'll make sure to post up the recipe for everyone.

It really can be amazing the tools you already have laying around the house but how finding that akward 20 minutes can seem like an impossible job. 

Which yes I have this listed as Day 1 because this is MY Day 1 they are now on like Day 3 but we do what we can when we can and be glad that we could. 

Happy Cooking Folks. 


  1. I thought of you when I saw that challenge posted. I'm not big on pumpkin bread (although I do like pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!) but yours does look really good. I used to have a bread machine but ended up giving it away because I hardly ever used it.

    1. I'm a hoarder so my bread machine normally sits nearly a year between use but mostly I think that is because I never branched out really. I kept trying to make white bread and it always flopped and I did consider getting rid of my bread machine for a time because of that but now that I'm branching out I really hope I use it more often because it doesn't heat up the house and right now that makes me happy. LOL